Speedy Payroll

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Whether processing in-house or using a service,
facilitate payroll faster than ever before.

Payroll Setup

Accommodate any payroll scenario
with flexible setup options.

Establish pay rates for individual therapists when inviting them to register.

Separate pay rates for different referral types, i.e. Medicare, Medicaid, etc.

Pay a different visit or hourly rate for different types of visits.

Optionally define therapist's overhead to reflect in profitability reporting.

Set up default pay rates to load automatically for new therapists.

Add reimbursable visit expenses company-wide or for individual therapists.

Effortless Payroll

Run payroll almost as fast as
it takes to say "payroll".

See a breakdown of what's owed to each therapist with one click.

Specify pay period to include visits actually submitted during the period.

Automatic calculation of therapist's compensation, including any expenses.

Export payroll to Excel as a list of therapists or an itemized list of visits.

Run a report to monitor therapist's profitability.

All Therapy Staffing Payroll Features:

Payroll Setup

Establish your therapy staffing company's pay rates for each therapist when inviting them to sign up in therapyBOSS.

Pay the same or different rates for individual therapists depending on the type of referral – Medicare, Medicaid, or private pay.

Pay rates are defined for each type of visit separately for maximum flexibility and the rate can be either per visit or per hour.

Specify therapist's overhead rate to make it automatically accounted for in profitability reporting for your therapy staffing company.

For salaried therapists, you can simply enter your per-visit cost to properly account for their impact on profitability.

Establish your therapy company's default compensation to load automatically when inviting new therapists to sign up.

If you reimburse therapists for visit-related expenses, set them up for everyone to have access to or for individual therapists only.

Override therapist's pay rate on the fly if the circumstances call for it. For instance, to offer an incentive for a "complicated" case.

Effortless Payroll

Simply specify your therapy staffing company's pay period to see each therapist's payroll and the included visits that comprise it.

Visits are included based on the date they are actually submitted, as opposed to date of service, ensuring only completed work is paid for.

Reimbursable expenses, if any, are automatically calculated and shown as a separate amount next to normal compensation.

Run a report to see claimed reimbursable expenses to help facilitate tax return preparation for your therapy company's 1099 therapists.

One-click export of payroll to Excel at the summary level, i.e. one row per therapist with their payroll totals.

Export to Excel as a list of visits with all the necessary information included to facilitate integration to a payroll vendor.

Quick report to view your company's accurate profitability for each therapist and even compare across different therapists.

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