Effective Therapist Management

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Spend less time micromanaging staff and
more time on what's really important.

Setting Up Therapist

Need to add a new therapist ASAP?
No problem, we don't do slow.

Quickly invite your therapists to sign up on their own.

Establish pay rates and include your work agreement when inviting therapists.

2-minute registration for therapists, including e-signing your contract.

Track invitations and receive email notification when a therapist registers.

Define therapist's territory coverage or let them do it on their own.

Personnel File

Having fun tracking down credentials?
You won't mind us spoiling it.

Powerful document management for therapists' personnel files.

Scan, upload, and easily organize as many credentials as needed.

Choose from common credential types or add your own types.

Know 30, 60, or 90 days in advance when credentials are expiring.

Specify required credentials for your company to see what's missing.

Automatically share credentials with referring home health agencies.


How productive are your therapists?
therapyBOSS will know precisely.

Powerful productivity metrics reporting.

Specify desired patient census and visit load preferences.

Missed visits and attempted visits reporting to identify problems quickly.

Remove therapists from a care team or inactivate altogether, as needed.

Simple built-in HIPAA compliant messaging to communicate efficiently.

Email notifications sent automatically to help therapists stay informed.

All Therapist Management Features:

Therapist's Setup

Invite therapists to sign up with therapyBOSS on their own instead of taking your time to enter their information.

When inviting, establish therapist's compensation and include your company's employment contract electronically.

Therapists register in 2 minutes or less and sign the work agreement electronically at the same time.

Establish default pay rates and create employment contract templates to load into therapist invitations automatically.

See the history of all therapist invitations, revise pending invitations if necessary, and get an email notification when therapists register.

Define territory coverage for your therapists by zip code or let them define it themselves to facilitate patient matching and more.

Personnel File

Maintain personnel files of your therapists with little effort by using powerful document management capability.

Scan and upload an unlimited number of credential documents as a PDF or in one of the common image formats.

Choose from numerous credential types built into therapyBOSS and add your own, if needed.

Quickly add renewals while retaining every prior copy and have it all meticulously organized and easily located.

Monitor expiring credentials and know when they are set to expire 30, 60, or 90 days in advance.

Specify your therapy staffing company's required credentials and monitor the ones that are missing.

Let therapyBOSS share credentials automatically with your referring home health agencies. You're in full control of what gets shared.

Therapist Productivity

Run a report to see therapist productivity metrics, such as total visits, daily average, and time to complete visit documentation.

Set up preferred census and preferred weekly visit volume to help you keep therapists optimally staffed.

Know when therapists are missing too many visits with missed visit reporting so you can address problems before they escalate.

Remove therapists from the care team to deny access to chosen patients or inactivate altogether to revoke access to all patients.

Communicate with your therapists quickly, efficiently, and on record with built-in HIPAA-compliant messaging.

Automatic email notifications on referral acceptance, evaluation completion, etc.

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