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You already know delivering outstanding service to clients is a must.
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therapyBOSS Portal for Referral Sources

Your referring home health agencies
will actually love using this tool.

Web-based, easy to use, and FREE forever.

Instant access to documentation from anywhere, anytime.

One-click printing and PDF export for integration with their EMR.

Near-effortless entry of patient referrals in less than a minute.

Easy access to your invoices and your therapists' shared credentials.

Built-in messaging to coordinate with everyone on the care team.

Unrivaled Support

Your clients should not settle for
less than extraordinary support.

Live presentation on request to help your clients get started.

Simple 10-minute video tutorial to get going on their own.

Technical experts with home care business knowledge on standby.

Free support with a response after hours in under 30 minutes.

Numerous features implemented based on feedback.

All Referral Source Support Features:

therapyBOSS Portal for Referral Sources

Your clients can instantly access patient schedule, clinical notes, your invoices, your therapists' shared credentials, and more.

Agencies can print notes with one click for a period of time, a patient's complete chart, or all clinical notes since the last time they printed.

One-click PDF export of notes allows home health agencies to integrate with their own electronic medical records software (EMR).

Therapy staffing companies can block clients from seeing documentation, for instance, when they are behind on payments.

It is simple to enter patients for referring home health agencies directly from their side of therapyBOSS.

Clients can easily look up ICD-10 codes and add care team members, such as patient's nurse and physician.

Agencies are able to specify home health treatment authorization dates, authorized frequency, maximum visit duration, etc.

Built-in messaging lets your referring agencies communicate with your office and your therapists on record without wasting time.

Bonus order tracking feature increases productivity by giving agencies the ability to track orders sent for physician's signature.

therapyBOSS will help you maximize efficiency, even if you must document with your client home health agency's EMR.

Support for Your Referring Clients

If you would like, we will be happy to reach out to your client agencies with a live presentation.

They can watch a short video tutorial to get going easily on their own and contact us along the way with any questions.

Our support team consists of technical experts who are also highly knowledgeable in all things home health and contract therapy staffing.

Your clients' access to therapyBOSS for home health agencies is completely free and our unmatched support extends to them.

We listen to feedback! Numerous features have been implemented based on requests from our clients' referring home health agencies.

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