Successful Team Coordination

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Coordinate your team's day-to-day operations
with remarkable simplicity and effectiveness.

Shared Scheduling

With schedule shared across the care team,
care coordination happens naturally.

Easy-to-use patient calendar that reflects scheduled and completed visits.

Schedule visits for your therapists or let them schedule themselves.

Quickly adjust scheduled appointments from the office, if needed.

Replicate scheduled patient appointments across weeks with one click.

Everyone on the care team is able to see everyone else's patient schedule.

Your clients get access to the patient calendar via their side of therapyBOSS.

Care Team Communication

Team communication is paramount.
therapyBOSS makes it simple.

Built-in HIPAA-compliant messaging tool that is powerful yet simple to use.

Messaging works in every direction between every party on the care team.

Manage messages by locating them instantly and setting priority, as needed.

Messages pertaining to patients are automatically included in their record.

Use digital "stickies" to record important information on the fly.

Automatic therapyBOSS notifications to help everyone stay in the loop.

All Therapy Staffing Team Coordination Features:

Shared Scheduling

Each patient has their designated calendar that reflects therapist's scheduled appointments and completed visits.

The patient calendar also includes other significant events, such as missed visits and non-billable discharge summaries.

Scheduling patient appointments is made easy for therapists. If they forget to schedule a week or so ahead, they will be alerted.

If necessary, patient appointments can be scheduled at the office, or the office can only make adjustments when needed.

The ability to replicate an appointment across multiple weeks makes scheduling recurring appointments effortless.

For care coordination, everyone on the care team has access to the patient's schedule including appointments from all therapists.

Your client home health agencies also get access to their patient's calendars, helping them respond effectively to family inquiries.

Care Team Communication

Messaging is built into therapyBOSS, which ensures that it is fully compliant with HIPAA, unlike email or texting.

Everyone in therapyBOSS, including therapy staffing companies, home health agencies, and therapists can exchange messages easily.

The therapy company is automatically copied on communication between their referring home health agencies and therapists.

Send messages to all of your therapists at once, for instance, when making company-wide announcements.

Process high message volumes by finding messages quickly, prioritizing, identifying messages with no response, etc.

When marked "regarding patient", messages are automatically incorporated into the patient's record.

Office staff can record quick notes using the digital sticky feature and instantly access them later to keep track of important events.

therapyBOSS generates automatic email notifications to help everyone stay in the loop without staying glued to their screens.

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