Quick and Compliant Charting

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Documentation requirements can burden your team.
With the right tools, however, they will not.

Unmatched Library of Electronic Notes

Get rid of paper notes once and for all;
there is simply no reason not to.

Full set of compliant documentation for PT, OT, ST, and MSW services.

Templates for evaluations, visits, reassessments, and discharges.

Templates for physician orders, missed visit notes, communication notes, etc.

Complete suite of OASIS documents.

Commonly-used functional assessment tests.

Charting Efficiency

Charting doesn't need to be time-consuming.
With therapyBOSS, it's fast and easy.

Quick-to-set-up intervention and goal templates for the plan of care.

Responses from the prior visit's note can be carried forward.

Subsequent evaluations can load previous evaluation's responses.

Reassessment and discharge summary note charting is almost automatic.

Working On The Go

Who wants to bring work home with them?
therapyBOSS gives therapists their life back.

Work on any device – smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Map patient's address and access patient's information from anywhere.

Hassle-free electronic capture of patient's signature on mobile devices.

Unique offline capability to stay fully productive without the internet.

Work across multiple devices – start on one and continue on another.

See documentation from other therapists on the care team.

Uncompromising Documentation Integrity

Maintaining clinical notes integrity
is at the core of therapyBOSS.

Built-in safeguards to ensure the integrity of electronic documentation.

Therapists can easily make corrections in their notes when necessary.

Revisions are tracked to always know what and when changes were made.

Full compliance with electronic signature requirements for therapists.

Retain clinical documentation forever and instantly access it when you need it.

All Therapy Staffing Documentation Features:

Electronic Documentation for Contract Therapy

Complete set of compliant documentation for contracted Physical Therapy (PT), Occupational Therapy (OT), Speech Therapy (SLP), and Medical Social Work (MSW) services.

Initial evaluations, interim evaluations, visit notes, reassessments, and discharge summaries are included to satisfy all charting needs.

Additional standalone documents such as physician order, missed visit note, and communication note are available to therapists.

Every OASIS document including Start of Care OASIS, Resumption of Care OASIS, Recertification OASIS, Discharge OASIS, and Transfer OASIS can be completed electronically.

Built-in functional assessment tests for therapists, such as Tinetti, Berg, TUG, Mini-Mental, and many others.

Electronic Charting Efficiency

Set up your own treatment and goal templates for therapists to look up and select into their care plans with one click.

Get our library of treatment and goal templates for PT, OT, ST, and MSW at no cost to you. Just ask for it.

Treatments and goals are carried from one visit to the next, making it impossible not to document in compliance with the plan of care.

Responses from the prior note can be reflected automatically when adding a new note, allowing therapists to simply record changes.

Document interim evaluation (for readmissions and recertifications) with minimal effort as information from the prior evaluation gets transferred automatically.

Because therapyBOSS tracks treatment progress, reassessments and discharges are almost entirely filled in automatically.

Contract Therapist Working On The Go

Use the therapyBOSS clinician app on practically any device, including computers, smartphones, and tablets.

Quickly access patient's information, including demographics, contacts, diagnoses, and more on almost any device from anywhere.

Instantly look up patient's address on Google maps and get directions.

Capture patient's signature electronically on your device. The signature can also be captured on paper, scanned, and uploaded.

No Internet? No problem! The therapyBOSS clinician app runs offline, meaning therapists can do their work without having to be connected.

Work seamlessly across multiple devices. For instance, start on a smartphone and continue on a computer or tablet at home.

Patient information is shared across the entire care team. Access clinical notes from other therapists and their schedule for the patient.

Contract Therapy Documentation Integrity

therapyBOSS ensures that electronic documentation cannot be altered by anyone other than the therapists generating it.

A simple mechanism for therapists to make revisions to their clinical documentation when necessary with charting integrity preserved.

therapyBOSS creates a new revision when changes are made to previously submitted notes in order to maintain a complete audit trail.

Full compliance with the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act ("UETA") and the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act ("ESIGN") for electronic signatures for clinicians.

Retain clinical documentation forever with instant access to it from anywhere, anytime, without taking up space in a file cabinet.

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