Efficient Referral Handling

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No matter the size of your company and patient volume,
increase your productivity when handling referrals.

Quick Referral Intake

Why spend time entering referrals when your
referral sources can do it from their end?

60 seconds for your clients to enter a referral from their side of therapyBOSS.

15 seconds to recertify patients or add additional services.

60-second referral entry by therapy staffing company, if needed.

Built-in ICD-10 diagnoses lookup.

Option to attach additional paper documents to referrals.

Automatic email notification for new referrals.

Rapid Referral Staffing

How fast can you get a referral staffed?
Much faster than you may think.

Lightning-fast referral acceptance with just two pieces of information needed.

Built-in filters to quickly find the right therapist to assign.

Post referral to therapists to ask who is available before accepting.

Automatic email notification to therapists when posting and assigning.

Email notification automatically sent to agencies when their referral is accepted.

Referral Authorization

Set precise visit boundaries for referrals
to avoid unwanted surprises later.

Visit frequency locking to prevent unauthorized changes.

Specify authorization dates to be enforced by therapyBOSS.

Limit the number of visits per treating service.

Restrictions on visit duration as needed.

Separate authorizations for each service for maximum flexibility.

Complete Referral Management

With patient referrals front and center,
commanding them is a piece of cake.

Intuitive user interface listing all active referrals for quick access.

Find referrals with partial name match or use an advanced search.

Access documentation for one patient at a time or for all patients at once.

Place services on hold to pause patient's therapy treatment.

Every event in the referral's lifecycle is timestamped to preserve history.

Reports included to analyze referrals by client and service.

All Therapy Staffing Referral Features:

Quick Referral Intake

Your referring home health agencies can enter patient referrals from their end of therapyBOSS in 60 seconds or less.

Recertifications and readmissions are very simple to enter with patient information automatically carried over from the prior episode.

New referrals trigger an email notification to keep you informed no matter where you are. There is no need to be glued to your device.

Input patients just as easily for one or more disciplines at the same time and enter discipline-specific comments if desired.

Look up ICD-10 codes and add clinicians outside of your company to the care team, for instance, the agency's nurse and treating physician.

Attach paper documents to referrals to share with the entire care team: for example, extra patient information, hospital discharge, etc.

Rapid Referral Staffing

Accepting patient referrals is a breeze; just set the first visit's tentative date and assign a therapist.

Your client home health agencies get an automatic email notification when you accept their patient referrals.

Filter therapists by territory coverage, preferred patient census, visit load, and whether they saw the patient previously.

View therapist's availability at a glance when considering assigning them to the care team.

Post pending referrals for therapists to see before accepting. Let them respond within therapyBOSS if they can accept the patient or not.

Therapists get automatic email notifications when referrals are posted to them and after they are assigned to the care team.

Referral Authorizations

Easily specify therapy treatment authorization parameters at the time of intake, or at any point thereafter.

Authorizations are established per service to enable, for instance, different physical therapy and occupational therapy authorizations.

Enter referral's authorization date range to prevent therapists from documenting billable visits outside of the specified period.

Visit frequency can be locked automatically after it gets established. Attempts to change it after will be denied unless the office unlocks it.

Set the maximum number of visits allowed to prevent therapists from establishing visit frequency that exceeds the desired number.

Restrict visit duration to enforce when therapists cannot exceed authorized visit duration.

Complete Referral Management

therapyBOSS user interface is intuitive and easy to navigate. Referrals are listed front and center with quick access to related actions.

Filter displayed patient referrals by their type to view Medicare referrals only, for instance, or referrals of another available type.

Locate referrals instantly with just a few beginning characters of patient's name, client's name, or the names of assigned therapists.

Open patient's documentation to see clinical notes in the episode or view notes submitted across all patients within a period of time.

Print or save as PDF a single clinical note or a single visit at a time, patient's entire chart, or all documentation for a period of time.

Put treatment on hold for one service or for all at once. therapyBOSS will notify therapists and adjust compliance alerts automatically.

Referrals are automatically finalized when therapists submit their discharge. If needed, the office can discharge referrals manually.

Each referral retains the history of events, such as when it was created, accepted, discharged, etc. This history can be viewed and searched.

Referral reports let you slice and dice information by client and service to help you stay on top of your business trends.

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