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Imagine getting billing done in under a minute.
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Precise Pricing Controls

Offering pricing flexibility is vital to growth.
You want the tools that make it easy.

Establish your therapy staffing company's rates for each individual client.

Differentiate rates based on the type of referral, i.e. Medicare, Medicaid, etc.

Separate per-visit or per-hour rate for different visit types.

Set up default rates to automatically apply for new referral sources.

Set effective date for rates to retain history and apply new rates automatically.

Override established rates to accommodate special situations, as needed.

Instant Invoicing

Don't spend hours getting invoices out.
You have more important things to do.

Complete invoicing for the entire billing period in two clicks.

Create invoices for all clients at once or one at a time, for all visits or for some.

Payment terms for each client are applied automatically when billing.

Use the built-in QA feature to hold back visits not ready for billing.

Automatically hold back visits without patient's signature.

Export invoices into QuickBooks.

Managing Receivables

Effectively managing receivables is imperative.
Stay on top of your cash flow effortlessly.

See profitability by payer, by therapist, or by invoice quickly.

Access all outstanding invoices or just those that are past due instantly.

Record full or partial payments and attach scanned checks, if desired.

Receive batch payments covering multiple invoices with only a few clicks.

Add custom adjustments to apply to invoices for discounts and write-offs.

All Therapy Staffing Billing Features:

Precise Pricing Controls

Set up and maintain your home health therapy staffing company's rates and payment terms per referring home health agency.

Further differentiate pricing for different referral types included in therapyBOSS such as Medicare, Medicaid, and private pay.

Establish separate rate for each visit type and designate it as per visit or per hour for maximum flexibility.

Include territory upcharge based on zip code for flexibility in your pricing models. therapyBOSS applies upcharge automatically.

Don't spend time setting up rates for each new client home health agency, establish default rates to be applied automatically.

Each rate has an effective date to retain change history and for new rates to be applied automatically based on the date of service.

Override pricing on the fly for individual referrals to accommodate special situations, for instance, discounts or "special" referrals.

Instant Invoicing

Creating invoices is as simple as choosing the period to bill for, selecting all visits with one click, and submitting.

Visits are included based on their submitted date, rather than the date of service. As a result, no need to worry about visits submitted late.

Optionally filter visits to bill by client agency and select all billable visits, or, pick and choose which visits to include in each invoice.

therapyBOSS tracks what has been billed so that you never miss anything or double-bill.

If you were to skip ahead in your billing period (unintentionally), you would be warned of unbilled visits detected in the period skipped.

therapyBOSS can automatically exclude from billing visits marked as failed via the integrated QA feature.

therapyBOSS can also exclude visits missing the patient's signature. If marked to have been captured on paper, it must be attached.

Home health agencies receive an automatic email notification when you create invoices for them.

Export invoices directly into QuickBooks to reduce manual data entry.

Your clients access invoices instantly from their side of therapyBOSS. Reminders about outstanding invoices are prominently displayed.

If needed, you can export invoices and accompanying notes with one click to submit to your clients on paper or via email.

Promote your brand by uploading your company's logo and have it automatically appear on invoices.

Cancel invoices when necessary and therapyBOSS will automatically send an email notification to your client.

Managing Receivables

Instantly see the measure of your contract therapy company's profitability by client, by therapist, or by invoice.

Unpaid invoices are conveniently displayed when navigating to the invoices screen for instant visibility of outstanding invoices.

One-click filtering is used to view invoices 15 days, 30 days, 60 days, or 90 days past due. Accounts receivable aging is also included.

Know when your home health agency clients first view your invoices from their side of therapyBOSS.

Record full or partial invoice payments and, if desired, mark individual line items as paid in case of partial payments.

Process "batch" payments from a client agency covering multiple invoices with only a few clicks.

Create custom adjustments to apply when receiving payments for proper accounting of discounts and write-offs.

Enter optional memo for payments and adjustments as well as scan and upload any pertinent paper documents, if needed.

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