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How much of your time is spent ensuring compliance?
Get it done in much less and with greater efficiency.

Compliance Safeguards

Multiple built-in safeguards make
staying compliant automatic.

Automatic enforcement of designated visit frequency and duration.

Therapists are required to fulfill established frequency.

Included prevention of overlapping visit times.

Documentation dated post-discharge is disallowed.

If specified, authorization dates are imposed on visit entry.

Therapists are effectively encouraged to submit work within 72 hours.

Compliant Documentation Safeguards

Get rid of compliance issues in documentation
by giving therapists the tools to prevent them.

Fully compliant clinical documentation that gets reviewed regularly.

Charting is driven by the treatment plan.

No survey deficiency ever in "care follows a written plan of care".

Incomplete documentation cannot be submitted for billing or payroll.

Automatic generation of a physician order on care plan change.

Compliance Alerts

Therapists have a lot to track to stay compliant.
Wouldn't it be nice to get some help?

Automatic monitoring of various compliance aspects.

Alerts are grouped into important and FYI-only for productivity.

Therapists are prompted when important alerts are present.

30-day reassessment alerts are displayed 7 days in advance.

Built-in alerts for incomplete work, ending frequency, no first visit, etc.

For states with co-signing requirements, alert for therapists to co-sign.

Compliance Monitoring

Fully monitor compliance from the office
with comprehensive reporting.

Easy-to-use comprehensive compliance monitoring from the office.

Narrow reporting scope by dates, agencies, therapists, etc.

Override alerts for therapists if circumstances call for it.

One-click export to Excel for further analysis, if needed.

Built-in feature to optionally flag compliance issues in your QA process.

All Therapy Staffing Compliance Features

Compliance Safeguards

Therapists cannot exceed authorized visit frequency and visit duration.

Therapists are obligated to fulfill frequency - if not through completed visits, then with documentation of visits missed.

Therapists are not allowed to overlap their own visits or visits from other clinicians for the same patient.

Therapists are prevented from adding any documentation after the patient referral has been discharged.

If specified, patient authorizations are enforced with therapists unable to add billable visits outside of the authorization dates.

therapyBOSS effectively encourages therapists to complete documentation within 72 hours from the time they start it.

Compliant Documentation for Contract Therapy

Clinical documentation is 100% compliant and reviewed regularly to ensure continued compliance and your peace of mind.

Numerous agencies passed their Medicare, Joint Commission, CHAP, and ACHC surveys with therapyBOSS electronic documentation.

Therapists are only able to document according to the established care plan goals and interventions.

Your referring home health agencies will never get the 484.18 plan of care deficiency.

A physician order is automatically generated when updating plan of care including visit frequency, interventions, or goals.

Incomplete charting can be saved to finish later but cannot be submitted to clients, for billing, or for payroll until it is completed.

therapyBOSS software itself, our policies and processes are in full compliance with HIPAA/HITECH.

Compliance Alerts

therapyBOSS automatically monitors multiple aspects of therapy staffing compliance in order to display relevant compliance alerts.

Compliance alerts are conveniently classified for therapists as either important or for their information only.

therapyBOSS prominently and promptly notifies therapists when they have important alerts to see.

All alerts are organized within a single screen, which therapists navigate to with one click.

Therapists are prompted about 30-day reassessments 7 days in advance. With a PT and a PTA on the care team, both get the alert.

Examples of alerts therapists receive include new patient assignments, no first visit, ending frequency, missing patient schedule, and more.

With co-signing requirements in effect, therapist assistant's notes are made available to supervising therapists to co-sign with one click.

Compliance Monitoring

Every element of compliance can be easily monitored from the therapy staffing company's office.

Contract therapy companies have full control over compliance reporting. They can filter it for date range, clients, and therapists.

The office has the ability to ignore alerts if the circumstances call for it, which removes the alert for the therapist.

Compliance reporting is interactive. The office can see the care team, send therapists a message, jump to the patient's calendar, etc.

When further analysis of compliance results is needed, information can be exported to Excel with one click.

Support your own clinical audit workflow with the built-in QA feature. Visits that fail QA can be automatically held from billing.

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