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Learn about setting up compensation and running payroll to see
instantly what you owe and to export payroll information.

Maintain Therapistʼs Compensation

Define any pay structure for your therapists, including per visit, per hour, and salaried to facilitate payroll and profitability reporting.

Override Pay Rates for Special Situations

Set up special compensation rates one referral and one therapist at a time to override therapist's standard pay rates as needed.

Allow for Reimbursable Expenses

Facilitate recording of visit-related expenses by setting them up as payable, either at the company level or for individual therapists.

Expedite Payroll

Complete the entire payroll in minutes with payroll information displayed instantly based on therapists' activity and their pay rates.

Track Therapistʼs Profitability

Monitor profitability by therapist to ensure your margins are on target. Optionally include therapist's overhead for even more accuracy.

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“I'm not worried I have to go home and spend 6 hours doing payroll or invoicing. With therapyBOSS I feel like I have a payroll department, an accounts receivable department, an IT department, all at my finger tips.”

Jeanine Panico

Owner & Therapist

Neurological & Orthopedic Advancements

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