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Get to know what therapyBOSS can do to help manage therapists,
including maintaining their credentials and monitoring productivity.

Invite Therapists to Sign Up

Invite therapists to quickly sign up on their own. Include your company's work agreement and therapist's compensation.

Establish Default Pay Rates

Compensating therapists at the same or mostly similar rates? Set up default pay rates to simplify new clinician invitations.

Define Therapistʼs Territory Coverage

Specify zip code coverage for therapists or let them define it on their own in order to match therapists based on territory coverage.

Maintain Therapistsʼ Credentials

Organize therapists' credentials in their personnel file, record information for each document, and attach a paper copy.

Identify Expiring and Missing Credentials

Specify expiration date for therapists' credentials and identify required credentials to know which are expiring or missing.

Share Credentials With Client Agencies

Designate therapist's credential as shared to have therapyBOSS make it available to your home health agency clients.

Check Therapistʼs Productivity Metrics

Monitor therapists' productivity, including total visits, patients seen, time to complete documentation, and missed visits.

Keep Therapists Optimally Staffed

Establish therapist's working hours to reflect them in the calendar, set preferred census limit, and maximum weekly visits.

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The biggest difference between therapyBOSS and other therapy software is control. Which is good, because you have control of your therapists. We've become so much more efficient. Everything's integrated into the system.”

Fernando Onate



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