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See how simple it is for referring home health agencies to use their
side of therapyBOSS and what they can accomplish with it.

therapyBOSS Portal for Referral Sources

Invite referring home health agencies to partner with your therapy staffing company via therapyBOSS.

Entering Referrals

Simplify your referral intake by letting home health agencies enter referrals directly into therapyBOSS in 60 seconds or less.

Retrieving Patient Documentation

Offer great convenience to home health agency clients and save your time when they access patient documentation online.

Block Clients From Accessing Notes

Hold back documentation your therapists are completing from becoming available to your referring clients when necessary.

Receiving Your Invoices

Your clients are alerted when billed, unpaid invoices are prominently displayed and easy to access along with accompanying notes.

Accessing Your Therapistsʼ Credentials

Therapists' credentials are made available to referring home health agencies automatically when you share them from your side.

Communicating With Your Therapists

Capability to communicate with everyone on the care team securely is included in therapyBOSS access for your referring clients.

Document With Your Clientʼs EMR

If you must agree to chart using your home health agency client's EMR, therapyBOSS will still help maximize your operational efficiency.

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“There is no doubt that these people are going to be my customers. Even if somebody was to walk in and offer them $10 less in rates, they will say no, because I support them to a much higher level through therapyBOSS.”

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Florida Rehability

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