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Discover how therapy staffing teams coordinate better
with efficient patient scheduling and built-in secure messaging.

Let Therapists Manage Patient Schedule

Therapists are equipped to schedule patient appointments quickly, reminded if they forget to, and can see everyone else's schedule.

Manage Schedule From the Office

Access patient calendars at the office, manage visit frequency, make changes to scheduled visits, and schedule new visits.

Communicate With Care Team

Communicate easily with home health agencies and therapists on the care team using integrated, HIPAA-compliant messaging.

Facilitate Communication From Therapists

Therapists use a built-in communication tool to exchange messages with everyone on the care team effortlessly and securely.

Keep Track With Digital Stickies

Record quick memos, pertaining to patients or something else, make them private if needed, and retrieve instantly to stay on top of things.

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“A huge benefit of therapyBOSS is that all therapists involved in the patient's care can see the notes. We couldn't do that [before]. Right now, if PT wants to see how a patient is progressing, they log in and see what the PTA has put in. It makes patient care so much better.”

Judith Nehorai

Vice President

Florida Rehability

(847) 581-6400
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