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Meet the unique therapyBOSS clinician app and see how it helps
contracted therapists work quicker while ensuring full compliance.

Meet the therapyBOSS Clinician App

Meet therapist's primary tool for managing patients, calendar, and completing electronic documentation in the field.

Run Our App Anywhere and Anytime

Run the therapyBOSS clinician app on practically any device, even without a WiFi connection, and use it across devices.

Check Out Therapistʼs Electronic Documentation

Explore therapyBOSS electronic documentation - fully compliant and optimized in every way to satisfy every requirement.

Speed Up Charting With Built-In Smarts

Complete charting for your referrals quicker with intelligent shortcuts and responses from the prior visit copied, if needed.

See Evaluation Documented For Real

See what it's like to complete physical therapy evaluation note for a "real" home health therapy staffing patient.

See Visit Note Documented For Real

Watch a physical therapy visit note completed for a "real" home health therapy staffing patient.

Use Included Therapy Assessment Tools

Document common therapy assessment tools for physical, occupational, and speech therapy electronically.

Chart Reassessment and Discharge Instantly

Chart 30-day therapy reassessment and discharge summary notes in no time with each note almost entirely filled in by therapyBOSS.

Meet Charting Needs Outside of Visits

Satisfy documentation needs outside of visits with support for physician order, missed visit note, non-visit discharge summary, and more.

Set Up Therapy Intervention and Goal Templates

Set up your library of intervention and goal templates for therapists to use in their care plans or ask us for our templates.

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“Our therapists are submitting notes promptly. All functional tests are electronic, and they sum up the scores on the spot. As a result, therapists spend less time charting.”

Johnathan Gaspar

Clinical Director

TNR Staffing

(847) 581-6400
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