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See how therapyBOSS simplifies and speeds up referral intake with
its powerful capabilities to address every aspect of the process.

Enter Referrals Yourself

Your clients can quickly enter referrals directly into therapyBOSS, or you can enter patients from your end just as easily if you need to.

Add “Goodies” to Referrals

Include diagnoses, specify agency's nurse and patient's MD, attach paper documents, and add memos for your therapists to see.

Authorize Visits

Control visit frequency and duration for each service, lock frequency from being changed, and authorize visits for a specific time period.

Post Referrals

Share a pending referral with multiple therapists prior to accepting. See who responds and then decide whom to assign.

Accept or Reject Referrals

When ready to accept a pending referral, specify the first visit's tentative date, choose therapist, and let therapyBOSS notify everyone for you.

Find the “Right” Therapist

Assign the right therapists based on territory coverage, caseload, whether they saw the patient before, and other factors.

Assign and Unassign Therapists

Add to and remove therapists from the care team. Established care plan is automatically enforced for new therapists.

Place Patients On Hold

Put patients on hold when they are hospitalized or pause treatment. therapyBOSS will let therapists know automatically.

Recertify a Patient

To create the new episode when recertifying a patient, simply look up the patient and choose therapy services to continue.

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“We're managing patient referrals in a fraction of the time. Finding the right partner was a carefully made decision, but therapyBOSS has allowed us to streamline our operations and has easily been one of the best decisions we've made.”

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