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Find out how billing your referring home health agencies can
be completed in seconds with 100% accuracy every time.

Invoice Client Agencies

Invoice all referring agencies at once with just a couple of clicks, never double-bill inadvertently or miss billable visits.

Present Invoices to Clients Electronically

Your client agencies are automatically notified when you bill them. They readily see their invoices and know which are not yet paid.

Print Invoices and Notes (if you must)

Print visit notes and other documentation in the invoice's period instantly if a client insists that it be delivered on "paper".

Protect Integrity of Your Billing

Count on therapyBOSS to ensure billing is always accurate. Optional features let you tighten your invoicing even further.

Export Invoices Into QuickBooks

Integrate your billing with QuickBooks by exporting invoices from therapyBOSS and importing them into QuickBooks.

Set Up Rates for an Agency

Facilitate rapid invoicing by specifying billing rates when initially adding your home health agency clients in therapyBOSS.

Establish Default Price List

Instead of entering billing rates manually when adding new clients, establish default price list to further simplify new agency setup.

Institute Rate Change

Maintain your client agency price lists and specify rate changes to have them take effect automatically as of the desired date.

Include Territory Upcharge

Set up an additional charge for your referring home health agencies to apply automatically depending on visit type and patient's zip.

Override Pricing for Special Situations

Override your standard pricing for a client one referral, or even one visit type, at a time when circumstances call for it.

Stay On Top of Unpaid Invoices

Browse through past invoices, locate an invoice quickly, monitor unpaid invoices, and see all past due invoices.

Receive Invoice Payment

Record invoice payments including partial payments, attach checks, and set up and apply your own balance adjustments.

Receive “Batch” Payment

Apply payments from home health agencies covering multiple invoices from a single screen with only a few keystrokes.

Know Your Companyʼs Profitability

Check the measure of your therapy staffing company's profitability and analyze it by referring agency client and service.

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“In the billing and payroll features of therapyBOSS, we have a bookkeeper that's responsible for both. Her hours went from 40 down to 10. There's quantifiable return on investment immediately with the fact that overtime is eradicated and hours for admin staff are down.”

Daniel Nehorai


Florida Rehability

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