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Understand how built-in compliance safeguards and potent tools
help therapy staffing companies lock down compliance.

Count On Built-In Safeguards

Rely on built-in safeguards and 100% compliant clinical notes to satisfy many compliance requirements automatically.

Stop Monitoring Frequency Compliance

Spend less time monitoring frequency compliance; therapyBOSS identifies issues automatically for therapists to address them.

Enforce Visit Compliance

Lock frequency to prevent changes, limit the number of visits, and specify authorization dates to enforce visit compliance.

Receive Complete Documentation

Therapists can save notes in progress to finish them later, but cannot submit them for billing or payroll until they are completed.

Ensure Care Plan Compliance

Treatment can only be charted against the care plan's interventions and goals, guaranteeing care plan compliance.

Create Physician Orders Automatically

Physician orders can be created automatically when therapists change their visit frequency and add new treatment interventions or goals.

Help Therapists Control Compliance

Intelligent alerts identify for therapists episodes with ending frequency, 30-day reassessments, incomplete notes, and more.

Have Therapists Cosign Assistantʼs Notes

Supervising therapists know instantly which notes from therapist assistants are to be co-signed and they co-sign them with one click.

Monitor Compliance From Office

Monitor all aspects of compliance from the office drilling down by clinician, home health agency, time period, and export to Excel.

Take Advantage of Built-In QA Feature

Flag submitted documentation as having passed of failed QA to support your clinical and operational audit workflow.

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“We get a lot less phone calls from agencies for compliance, which is good for our staff and less calls means less problems. Our therapists spend less time on problems with documentation, so we're able to focus on patient care.”

Johnathan Gaspar

Clinical Director

TNR Staffing

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