Unique Mobile App For Clinicians

No WiFi? No problem. Work anywhere, anytime, on all of your devices. User-friendly for clinicians and lets them handle every aspect of their job.


Looks and functions the same on any device type or size

Windows and Mac computers? Check. iPhone, iPad, iPod? Check.
Android tablets and smartphones? Check and check.
Amazon Kindle Fire Family? Check.

Working on different devices

Start working on one device, finish on another

therapyBOSS allows clinicians to start their work on one device,
like their phone or tablet, and finish on another, say, their computer
at home, without losing one word of their work in the process.

Clinicians, Get Your Lives Back!

Don't use software that forces you to stay connected to the internet.
Get it all done like the mobile pro that you are.

The app-based system is phenomenal. The feedback we got from [clinicians] was that it's saving them between 1.5 to 2 hours a week on their documentation. That's huge. We want our clinicians to be able to have a life, and they're able to do that with therapyBOSS.

Kim Pritikin

Managing Director of Clinical Services

Therapy Care

(847) 581-6400
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