Efficient Patient Intake

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No matter the number of patients you admit,
save time with increased intake efficiency.

Quick Patient Intake

Keep your intake efforts to a minimum
with quick patient referral entry.

Simple and friendly user interface to enter new patient referrals.

Add care team members from other organizations.

Look up ICD-10 diagnosis codes by partial name or partial code.

Attach additional paper documentation to referrals.

Readmit patients and add additional services as needed with a few clicks.

Rapid Clinician Assignments

How fast can you find the "right" clinician for a patient?
With therapyBOSS, the answer is "extremely fast".

Accept pending patient referrals by specifying two pieces of information.

Filter clinicians based on different parameters to find the right one.

Post patient information to clinicians to ask who is available before accepting.

Automatically generated email notification to clinicians when posting.

Automatic email notification to clinicians when assigning a patient.

Service Authorization

Set precise frequency and duration
limits to control service delivery.

Enter authorization period for each service if needed to be enforced.

Lock service frequency to prevent changes by clinicians.

Limit patient sessions for each treating service.

Maximum session duration boundary for therapyBOSS to impose.

Separate authorizations per service for maximum flexibility.

Patient Census Management

With intuitive, patient-centric user interface,
managing your census is a piece of cake.

Active patient referrals are listed in one place for immediate access.

Locate patients by partial names or use an advanced search.

View charting for one patient at a time or all recently submitted documentation.

Put service delivery on hold to pause treatment for any reason.

Events which impact patient referral status get logged to maintain history.

Built-in reporting to analyze patient referrals by referral source and service.

All Early Intervention Patient Management Features:

Quick Patient Intake

Entering a new patient is very user-friendly and efficient with all necessary information presented on one straightforward screen.

You can add clinicians outside of your company to the care team so their contact information is available to your clinicians.

Specify diagnoses for your patients quickly with built-in ICD-10 code lookup that works with partial diagnosis name or code.

therapyBOSS enables you to choose all services needed at once, automatically creating a separate referral for each service selected.

Retain and share paper documents with your care team by attaching them to the patient's record. For example, service authorizations.

Simply look up your existing patient to add new services or to readmit at any point. Patient's information can be updated on the fly.

Rapid Clinician Assignments

New services become your pending referrals. Accepting them is a breeze. Just set the first session's tentative date and assign a clinician.

Built-in safeguards will not let you accept a pending patient that's missing a payer or any other billing-critical information.

Filter clinicians by territory, preferred patient census, visit load, and whether they might already be seeing patients in the same zip code.

Instantly see all clinician's scheduled appointments when considering assigning them to the patient.

Post pending referrals to clinicians before accepting. Let them respond within therapyBOSS if they can accept the patient or not.

An email notification is sent to clinicians automatically when pending referrals are posted to them and after they are assigned to the patient.

Service Authorization

Specify service authorization constraints at the time of entering a patient or at any time afterward.

Enter service authorization date range for therapyBOSS to prevent clinicians from documenting sessions outside of the specified period.

Choose to lock service frequency so that clinicians cannot make any changes to it once it has been established.

Set the maximum number of direct patient visits allowed to prevent the establishment of service frequency in excess of that limit.

Restrict service duration to ensure that clinicians can not document sessions longer than the specified maximum.

When entering patients for multiple services, it is simple to enter separate authorizations. For instance, one for PT and another for OT.

Patient Census Management

Thoughtful user interface places patients front and center, making it easy to access patients and their related actions.

Toggle instantly between seeing all active patients, early intervention referrals, or pediatric referrals.

Find patients with a few characters of their name, name of the organization that referred them, or the names of assigned clinicians.

Patients can also be located using a more sophisticated search that lets you look for multiple matching attributes.

Access specific patient's documentation or see documentation submitted within a period of time across all patients.

Print notes or save them in the PDF format one document at a time, patient's entire chart, or notes for all patients within a period of time.

therapyBOSS lets you place services on hold to postpone treatment for any reason, notifying clinicians automatically.

Each patient's referral retains the history of events such as when it is created, accepted, discharged, etc.

Reports let you analyze information by organizations you receive referrals from and by service, helping you see the business trends.

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