Effective Clinician Management

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Managing your clinical staff with therapyBOSS
is a low-effort and low-overhead proposition.

Adding New Clinicians

Need to add a clinician in therapyBOSS?
No problem, there isn't much to it.

Reduce your efforts by inviting clinicians to sign up on their own.

Establish your pay per clinician and include work agreement when inviting them.

Super-quick signup for clinicians, which includes e-signing your contract.

See all pending invitations and get notified when a clinician registers.

Establish territory coverage for clinicians or let them define it themselves.

Personnel Records

Maintaining up-to-date credentials is required.
Organize and track them in therapyBOSS.

Electronic personnel file to organize clinician employment documents.

Upload paper copies of as many credentials as needed.

Choose from common credential types or add your own types.

Monitor expiring credentials 30, 60, or 90 days in advance.

Define credentials you need to see and which clinicians are missing.

Clinician Productivity

Monitor your clinician's productivity
to ensure their effective utilization.

Integrated reporting for various productivity metrics.

Optional patient census and service load preferences per clinician.

Reporting for missed and attempted visits to spot problems early on.

Unassign clinicians from a care team or inactivate completely, as needed.

Included messaging for simple and efficient care team communication.

Automatically emailed system notifications keep clinicians in the loop.

All Clinician Management Features:

Adding New Clinician

Invite clinicians to register in therapyBOSS on their own instead of spending your time entering their information.

When creating the invitation, specify clinician's pay and include your company's employment contract.

Invited clinicians get an email sent to them automatically, instructing them on how to proceed.

Clinician's registration is very quick and simple; they sign the work agreement electronically at the same time.

Speed up the creation of clinician invitations by establishing default pay rates and templates for employment contracts.

Records of clinician invitations are preserved in therapyBOSS so that you can tell exactly when one was created and when it was accepted.

therapyBOSS will notify you automatically when an invited clinician registers and agrees to your employment contract.

Define territory coverage for your clinicians by zip code or let them define it themselves to facilitate patient matching and more.

Personnel Records

Organize necessary employment documents and credentials for your clinicians within their personnel file area.

Paper documents can be scanned as PDF or uploaded in one of the image formats without limitation on the number of documents.

When adding personnel documents, choose from numerous document types already in therapyBOSS, or add your own.

Stay on top of expiring credentials and know 30, 60, or 90 days in advance of when they are set to expire.

Add renewals for expiring credentials quickly while preserving prior copies and have it all organized in one place.

Specify credentials your company requires from clinicians and let therapyBOSS tell you which clinician is missing what.

Clinician Productivity

Built-in reports let you see clinician productivity metrics, such as visits, daily average, and the time it takes to complete documentation.

Designate clinician's preferred patient census and desired visit load to use these later when assigning clinicians to patients.

Included reporting for missed visits will help you identify clinicians missing too many visits and address possible issues promptly.

Unassign clinicians from patients to instantly remove their access to the patient or inactivate them to cancel access to all patients.

Use the therapyBOSS messaging feature to communicate with your clinicians effectively and to preserve it for the record.

Clinicians receive automatic email notifications when certain events take place which helps them stay up-to-date.

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