Across-the-Board Compliance

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Not maintaining compliance can cost you money.
therapyBOSS helps to protect your bottom line.

Compliance Precautions

Multiple built-in protections for
comprehensive compliance.

Automatic enforcement of frequency and duration authorizations.

Included prevention of overlapping session times.

Authorization dates are imposed on service entry when specified.

The relationship between discipline and service type drives who can do what.

Require parent signature capture or not, based on type of service.

Clinicians are effectively encouraged to submit work within 72 hours.

Compliant Charting Safeguards

Lock down documentation compliance with
charting designed to help you do that.

Clinical documentation developed in compliance with state's EI regulations.

Charting is driven based on the service plan's desired outcomes.

Time logging of work to finalize reports, service plan development, etc.

Documentation retention in compliance with recordkeeping requirements.

Claims cannot be created until documentation is fully complete.

Smart Clinician Alerts

Clinicians have a lot of responsibilities to juggle.
Luckily, staying compliant is one made easy.

Automatic monitoring of various compliance aspects.

Alerts are grouped into important and FYI-only for increased productivity.

Clinicians are prompted when important alerts are present.

Alerts for incomplete work, ending frequency, no first session, etc.

Reminders for 6-month and annual reviews.

Alert to co-sign therapist assistant's notes where required.

All Early Intervention Compliance Features:

Compliance Precautions

therapyBOSS prevents clinicians from exceeding authorized service frequency and duration.

Clinicians are not allowed to overlap their own sessions or sessions from other clinicians for the same patient.

Service authorizations are enforced, when specified, disallowing clinicians to document sessions outside of the authorization dates.

Rules established in therapyBOSS dictate the types of activities clinicians are allowed to complete depending on their discipline.

Additional rules in therapyBOSS prescribe the exact clinical note that "goes" with each activity based on its type.

Clinicians can be obligated to capture parent's signature to complete their sessions, or this requirement can be turned off.

With some exceptions, therapyBOSS effectively encourages clinicians to complete charting within 72 hours from the time they start it.

Compliant Charting for Early Intervention

Given the nature of the Early Intervention program, our team develops electronic documentation for it based on state's guidelines.

Charting is driven by the service plan's outcomes and interventions, ensuring consistent documentation of the child's progress.

When needed, therapyBOSS documentation facilitates logging of time to finalize assessment reports, service plan development, etc.

Incomplete documentation can be saved to finish later, but it cannot be billed or processed in payroll until it is completed.

Inherently comply with the requirement to maintain documentation for long periods of time since documentation is retained forever.

Smart Clinician Alerts

therapyBOSS automatically monitors multiple aspects of early intervention compliance in order to display relevant compliance alerts.

Compliance alerts are conveniently classified for clinicians as either important or for their information only.

therapyBOSS prominently and promptly notifies clinicians when they have important alerts to see.

All alerts are organized within a single screen, which clinicians navigate to with one click.

Examples of alerts clinicians receive include incomplete documentation, ending frequency, no first session, and more.

Clinicians are prompted well in advance about upcoming 6-month and annual reviews where applicable.

When co-signing requirements are turned on, supervising therapists are alerted to co-sign their assistant's notes.

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