Effective Service Coordination

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Service coordination can be time-consuming.
Get it done without getting bogged down.

Shared Scheduling

With patient's schedule accessible to everyone,
service coordination is all but inevitable.

Powerful patient calendar is easy to use in the office and by clinicians.

Schedule visits for your clinicians from the office or let them schedule.

The office can make changes in scheduled appointments, if needed.

Copy scheduled patient appointments across weeks with one click.

Patient's schedule is accessible to everyone on the same care team.

Winning Team Communication

Communication is key for ensuring superb service.
therapyBOSS messaging is key to communication.

Capable and simple to use messaging that is also HIPAA-compliant.

Messages can be sent to and from clinicians and the office.

Locate messages quickly and set message priority as needed.

Communication pertaining to patients is automatically linked to their record.

Take advantage of digital "stickies" to log important information on the fly.

Automatically emailed system notifications to help everyone stay informed.

All Early Intervention Team Coordination Features:

Shared Scheduling

The patient calendar is an easy and powerful way to see a patient's activity, reflecting scheduled appointments and completed sessions.

For convenience and a more complete picture, the calendar will also show documentation of missed sessions.

It is simple for clinicians to manage their own patient schedule, and they are reminded to schedule a week or so in advance.

Patient's schedule can be managed from the office, if necessary, with automatic email notifications sent to clinicians on changes.

Weekly sessions are very quick to schedule using a feature that lets you copy appointments over multiple weeks with one click.

For better coordination of care, everyone on your patient's team gets to see everyone else's schedule for that patient.

Winning Team Communication

The ability to exchange messages securely is built into therapyBOSS. Unlike email and texting, therapyBOSS messaging is HIPAA-compliant.

Messages can be sent from clinician to another clinician on the team, to the office, from the office to clinician, or to everyone on the team.

Messages can also be conveniently sent from the office to all clinicians at once to share information promptly with everyone.

The office can assign a higher priority to their messages to help categorize their communication accordingly.

therapyBOSS helps the office handle high message volumes efficiently by being able to find messages, identify ones without a response, etc.

When sent regarding a patient, messages are linked to the patient's record and are easy to access along with the documentation.

Digital sticky feature lets the office record quick memos and instantly access them later to keep track of important information.

Email notifications generated automatically upon different events help the team stay informed without staying glued to their screens.

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