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Payer Setup

Conform to your payers' billing requirements
no matter how complicated they make them.

Establish rates for different procedure codes for each commercial payer.

Maintain separate rates for EI and pediatric services within the same payer.

Set up default rates to automatically apply when adding new payers.

Set effective date for rates to retain history and apply new rates automatically.

Designate rates as timed (billed in units) or untimed (service-based).

Support for time units of 15 minutes or any duration, as needed.

Instant Claims

Don't spend time entering insurance claims.
You have more important things to do.

Generate accurate claims from completed billable sessions in two clicks.

Add authorizations to reflect prior authorization number in claims automatically.

Effortless claim generation for therapist assistants and clinical fellows.

Submit claims electronically to thousands of payers or on paper when necessary.

Integrated claim validator audits claims for you before they can be submitted.

Use the built-in QA feature to hold back activities not ready for billing.

Electronic Payment Processing

Expedite claims handling with automated
receipt of electronic remittance advices.

Receive remittance advices (ERAs) in standard electronic format automatically.

Access claim payment information, including any payer adjustments.

View and print detailed explanation of benefits (EOB) statements.

Post payments and adjustments easily from the ERAs delivered to you.

Transfer patient responsibility amounts to the secondary payer or the patient.

Automatic conversion to units when transferring untimed (SLP) service claim.

Managing Receivables

Staying on top of your receivables is essential.
Easily check outstanding invoices and claims.

Automatically receive electronic claim submission acknowledgments.

Quickly access all outstanding invoices/claims or just those that are past due.

Record payments from patients and attach scanned checks if desired.

Receive batch patient payments covering multiple invoices with only a few clicks.

Add custom adjustments to apply to invoices for discounts and write-offs.

See profitability by payer, by clinician, or by invoice quickly.

All Early Intervention Billing Features:

Payer setup

Set up and maintain procedure codes, modifiers, and rates for each commercial payer based on their exact requirements.

Conveniently separate payer's rates by type of service, early intervention or pediatric, if the same payer reimburses both.

Establish default price list to be applied automatically when adding a new payer, avoiding having to specify codes and rates every time.

A payer can be billed in time units, in which case therapyBOSS automatically converts service duration to units or per session.

For billing untimed codes, such as certain speech therapy procedures, designate them as "not billed in time units" with one click.

Default unit conversion is based on 15-minute increments, however, time units of any duration can be specified for a payer.

Instant Claims

Creating claims is as simple as choosing the time period, selecting the desired activity in it with one click, and submitting.

Sessions are included based on their date of submission, not service date. As a result, no need to worry about work submitted late.

Optionally filter activity to bill by payer and select all activity or pick and choose which sessions to include to generate claims for.

therapyBOSS tracks what has been billed so that you never miss anything or double-bill.

If you unintentionally specify a time period that skips over unbilled activities, therapyBOSS will prompt you to prevent the mistake.

If specific authorization numbers are to be reflected in your claims, simply enter them once for a patient to let therapyBOSS take care of it.

Comprehensive payer configuration options allow you to generate claims for services provided by therapist assistants and clinical fellows.

Automatically hold back from billing activities marked as failed with the integrated QA feature.

therapyBOSS can hold sessions when a parent's signature is missing. If it is marked to have been captured on paper, it must be attached.

Integrated claim validator audits claims for numerous, commonly occurring problems, identifying precisely what to address.

Claims can be submitted electronically to thousands of payers through clearinghouses, such as Availity and Office Ally, as well as directly.

Configure payers to generate paper claims when billing them as secondary if they do not support electronic secondary claims.

When billing patients, therapyBOSS creates invoices which can incorporate your company's logo to help you promote your brand.

Electronic Payment Processing

therapyBOSS can automatically deliver to your electronic remittance advices (ERAs) from most payers in the standard 835 format.

Conveniently know when a new ERA is received and view its final claim adjudication and payment information.

Access detailed explanation of benefits (EOB) statement, generated automatically from the ERA, and print it or save as PDF with one click.

View the underlying contents of an ERA for advanced payment processing needs and save it directly onto your computer.

Post payments instantly from the ERAs delivered to you with payments and adjustments applied accordingly to your claims.

When posting payments, transfer patient responsibility amounts to secondary payer or to the patient at the same time.

therapyBOSS supports special requirements when transferring to secondary payers, for instance, converting untimed codes to units.

ERAs move to a different "folder" as they get posted to ensure they stay out of the way; nevertheless, they are preserved forever.

Managing Receivables

Automatically receive claim acknowledgments when submitting electronically to know whether your claims were accepted.

Unpaid invoices/claims are conveniently displayed when navigating to the billing screen for instant visibility of outstanding payments.

Instantly see where payments are past due 15 days, 30 days, 60 days, or 90 days. Accounts receivable aging is also included.

Record full or partial payments from patients and, if desired, mark individual service lines as paid for partial payments.

Process "batch payments" from a patient covering multiple invoices with only a few clicks.

Create custom adjustments to apply when receiving payments for proper accounting of discounts and write-offs.

Enter optional memo for payments and adjustments as well as scan and upload any pertinent paper document, if needed.

See the measure of your profitability by payer, by clinician, or by invoice for a desired period of time.

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