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Awesome Gmail Trick for therapyBOSS

Just in time for Halloween we have a trick (or treat) for our Gmail users that might like some added convenience to their email accounts. Gmail of course is the free email service from Google that provides a litany of features and services. We’re big fans of Gmail and as we know, so are many

Turn Your Mobile Device into a Scanner!

Tablets and smart phones are an almost invaluable tool for therapists in the field. This value is expanded even more so when you take into consideration the hundreds of thousands of applications available from the app stores and all the functionality they bring. In workflow terms, they reduce the need for unnecessary amounts of paper

Using a VariDesk Standing Workstation – 8 Week Report

Two months ago, I watched this TED Talk that inspired me to make a change in the way I work. I was fed up with sitting eight hours a day. Constantly feeling “out of it” after lunch each day, I was drinking way too much coffee to compensate. I figured, there has to be a

A Shortcut to Laughing Out Loud

Lol, Omg, Brb. Chances are you’ve seen or more likely used these text abbreviations at some point to convey a shorthand version of a longer phrase. These abbreviations are almost common place now in a majority of text conversations. They allow us the efficiency of conveying lengthier phrases in a few taps as opposed to

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