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Infection Control and QAPI

Infection control and prevention is fundamental to ensuring that a patient’s clinical condition improves without complications. There is very little official data to be found regarding home health infection numbers, probably because agencies are not required to submit annual infection statistics. There was a 2015 small sample study using OASIS responses M2310 and M2430 from

GG0130 Self-Care and GG0170 Mobility

The Social Security Act’s section 1899B(b)(1)(B)(i) requires that post-acute care (PAC) providers submit standardized patient data for “Functional status, such as mobility and self care at admission to a PAC provider and before discharge from a PAC provider”. CMS tasked RTI to review existing PAC assessments, create the Continuity Assessment Record and Evaluation (CARE) Item

Your PEPPER report and QAPI

We covered the basics of the the PEPPER report in another article. As a reminder, it is a report based on claims data that you can access through the PEPPER Resources Portal. The PEPPER Resources website has more information including training documents and examples of how agencies have used the reports for improvement. Home Health

2019 Home Health Final Rule

In July, we wrote about the 2019 Home Health Proposed Rule. The final rule for 2019 was published November 1, 2018. There were some changes in response to comments received so we’ll go over the highlights here. Home Health Prospective Payment System (HH PPS) Updates The good news is that CMS is projecting a 2.2

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