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Documenting Therapy Interventions and Goals

While it’s common knowledge that therapy services are essential in improving patient outcomes and maximizing independence, it’s critical to understand how to document therapy treatment in a manner which demonstrates that value. We covered some of this before in our Therapy Documentation 101 article. Here, we’ll dive into documenting interventions performed and progress toward goals.

State and National Resources for Clinicians

From time to time, we receive inquires from our users with clinical questions. Though our team possesses a treasure trove of knowledge in different aspects of home health, including Medicare home health care, early intervention (EI), pediatric therapy, outpatient therapy and more, we are not clinicians. However, we do want to give our users the

Early Intervention Written Home Program

This short and to the point article was written by our guest blogger Kim Pritikin. Kim is the amazing Managing Director of Clinical Services at Therapy Care. Check out Therapy Care and see Kim’s testimonial about therapyBOSS! When you decide to become an early intervention provider, no one tells you about the rules that you

Save Illinois Early Intervention

As some of you may know, Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner’s fiscal year 2016 budget proposes $23 million in cuts to Early Intervention services across the state. We decided that someone ought to do something about it, so we’ve started this petition with the hopes of bringing enough attention to this issue affecting over 10,000 children

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