Home health therapy staffing companies big and small use therapyBOSS every day to process more referrals, lock down compliance, and minimize overhead.




Impress your referral sources

Just as our success depends entirely on how pleased our clients are with what we offer, the satisfaction of your clients drives how well you do. We get it and want you to do exceptionally well. Our software-service solution will help you substantially improve your client's satisfaction. Simply put, your clients will love the new you.

  • Intuitive and friendly web-based portal enables referring home health agencies to send referrals electronically.
  • Agencies use the portal to maximize quality and efficiency of their contract therapy provider relationship. They get access to everything they need including patient calendar, clinical documentation, your invoices, and your clinicians' credentials that you share.
  • The therapyBOSS portal lets agencies print notes or export them with one click as PDF for integration with their own software.
  • Updates to patient information performed by agencies are immediately reflected for clinicians to see.
  • The therapyBOSS portal enables agencies to communicate effectively with everyone on the care team using built-in HIPAA compliant messaging.
  • Order tracking feature gives agencies the ability to easily manage the process of getting orders signed by physicians.
  • We reach out to your client agencies, as requested, with a live presentation that helps them get going with the therapyBOSS portal to your benefit and theirs.
  • Your clients' use of the therapyBOSS portal is completely free of any charge and our unrivaled 24/7 support extends onto them.
Control compliance once and for all

therapyBOSS software was designed and built to deliver full compliance with federal and state regulations. Its unique set of compliance monitoring tools, smart automatic alerts, and safeguards enables your whole team to easily take charge of compliance while maximizing efficiency.

  • therapyBOSS automatically tracks 13th visit, 19th visit, and 30 day reassessments and alerts therapists across the entire care team up to ten days ahead of time.
  • Clinicians cannot exceed frequency, overlap another visit, document outside of care plan, or submit incomplete documentation.
  • therapyBOSS can generate physician orders automatically when clinicians change visitation frequency or update other aspects of their care plan.
  • Clinical documentation is 100% compliant and reviewed regularly to ensure continued compliance and your piece of mind. Numerous home health agencies have passed their Medicare, Joint Commission, CHAP, and ACHC surveys with our electronic documentation.
  • therapyBOSS effectively encourages clinicians to complete documentation within 72 hours from the time they start working on it.
  • For states with co-signing requirements, therapyBOSS seamlessly makes therapist assistant's notes available to their supervising therapists to be co-signed with one click.
  • Every element of compliance can be easily monitored from the office.
  • therapyBOSS software itself and our policies/processes are in full compliance with HIPAA/HITECH.
Effortlessly manage referrals

Manage referrals from start to finish without breaking a sweat. Whether a single owner-therapist, employing just a few clinicians, or hundreds across a vast area, therapy BOSSes are fully equipped to effortlessly direct referrals.

  • Receive referrals electronically. Your clients enter patient information, including demographics and medical history, and send it in seconds with our friendly, easy-to-use web-based portal.
  • Referral sources, such as home health agencies, can scan and attach a paper document to referrals. For instance, additional patient record information, hospital discharge paperwork, etc.
  • Get convenient email alerts when new referrals arrive.
  • If needed, enter referrals manually from your end on a single, elegant, and simple screen.
  • Allow one or several of your clinicians to view a referral and let you know if they can accommodate - before you actually accept.
  • Accepting referrals is a breeze. Just set the first visit's tentative date and assign a clinician. therapyBOSS will automatically alert them and the referring agency.
  • Need more control? Filter clinicians by territory, employment status, and even see their calendars side by side.
  • Lock frequency revisions and authorize a maximum number of visits as well as maximum visit duration.
  • Access the referral's entire history to see what happened at any point in time in its lifecycle.
Manage clinicians (without micromanaging)

We get it, monitoring clinicians can be time-consuming - there's a lot to keep in order, from employment contracts to credentials, from knowing territory coverage to payroll records, and more. Therapy BOSSes, however, are able to spend less time managing their clinicians, while monitoring their progress and productivity like never before.

  • Invite clinicians to sign up with therapyBOSS instead of spending your time to put them in.
  • When inviting, set up unique pay structure or load default pay rates and include employment contract which clinicians sign electronically.
  • Effortlessly maintain pay rates and set up individual expenses, if needed, for extraordinary flexibility and control.
  • Define territory coverage and availability for each clinician, or let them define it themselves.
  • Maintain personnel files for your clinicians using a simple yet very powerful document management feature. Scan and upload credentials with ease.
  • Know if you are missing any credentials or when they are about to expire 30 days in advance.
  • Automatically and securely share credentials with referring home health agencies.
  • Communicate using built-in messaging - conveniently send messages from practically every screen.
  • Inactivate clinicians to remove their access to any and all patient information for HIPAA compliance.
  • Monitor clinicians' productivity with powerful reports.
Document better and quicker than ever

Therapy BOSSes want their documentation to be comprehensive and compliant - and they want to spend as little time as possible doing it. They also want to be able to document anywhere on any device. therapyBOSS goes above and beyond in helping clinicians spend less time doing "paperwork" and more time focusing on their patients.

  • Care plan treatment and goals are carried over from note to note, making it easy and quick to document in compliance with plan of care.
  • Responses from the note prior are reflected automatically when adding a new note allowing therapists to simply record changes.
  • Because therapyBOSS continuously tracks treatment progress, reassessments and discharges are almost entirely filled in automatically.
  • Complete set of home health therapy clinical notes for Physical Therapy (PT), Occupational Therapy (OT), Speech Therapy (SLP), Medical Social Work (MSW), and clinical notes for Early Intervention (EI).
  • Full suite of OASIS documents including Start of Care OASIS, Resumption OASIS, Recertification OASIS, Discharge OASIS, and Transfer OASIS.
  • Built-in functional assessment tests with most commonly used tests for Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and Speech Therapists included and are simple to complete electronically.
  • Easy access to clinical documentation from all other clinicians on the care team even with multi-disciplinary care teams.
  • Document on practically any device including computers, smartphones, and tablets. therapyBOSS software features a free app that runs on your favorite mobile device.
  • Hassle-free electronic capture of patient's signature using smartphone and tablet.
  • No Internet? No problem! The therapyBOSS clinician app runs offline, meaning clinicians can access and manage everything they need without having to always be connected.
  • Work seamlessly across multiple devices. For instance, start your visit on one device (a smartphone maybe) and then continue on another (perhaps your computer at home).
Bill and pay in seconds

Therapy BOSSes don't spend nights and weekends doing billing nor are they throwing countless hours and valuable resources at it during the week. therapyBOSS does it for them in seconds and with 100% accuracy to your satisfaction and that of your clients.

  • Set up rates by client and even for different types of patients.
  • Include territory upcharge based on zip code for flexibility in your pricing models that business sometimes demands.
  • Easily override pricing on the fly for individual referrals to accommodate special situations.
  • Never miss a visit or double-bill - void invoices and re-bill as needed.
  • Invoice referral sources and insurance companies electronically, cutting out all paperwork and speeding up collections.
  • Bill your referring agencies one at a time or all at once with just two clicks for services provided within a date range.
  • Export invoices into QuickBooks to reduce redundant data entry.
  • Receive full or partial payments, even record batch payments with just a few clicks.
  • Run payroll based on your company's pay schedule to instantly see the breakdown of what you owe.
  • Quickly set up pay structure as simple or as complex as your business requires including per visit, per hour, based on salary, expense reimbursement, extra compensation, overhead cost, etc.
  • See the measurement of your profitability by client and by clinician. Dig deeper to gain insights which are very difficult if not impossible to get to without therapyBOSS.
Schedule, share, and coordinate on the fly

Therapy BOSSes stay organized and have access to all the relevant information at their fingertips. They clearly don't waste time picking up the phone or making a trip to the fax machine to schedule and coordinate patient care but neither do they use inadequate software that doesn't completely meet their needs.

  • Define working hours to reflect on the calendar and set up territory coverage to filter by it when accepting referrals.
  • Clinicians have quick and easy access to patients' info, can map patient's address, see patient's memo and service protocol, other clinicians involved with their contact info, and more.
  • Schedule patients effortlessly and know at a glance whom you are planning to visit and when. Even see when other clinicians are planning to make their visits to the same patients and avoid scheduling conflicts.
  • Instantly replicate scheduled visits across multiple weeks to schedule quickly and efficiently.
  • The office has the ability to completely manage their clinicians' schedule if desired or simply make adjustments if needed.
  • Every party in therapyBOSS, including therapy companies, referring agencies, and clinicians, can use built-in HIPAA compliant messaging functionality to communicate with each other or with everyone at once.
  • Don't stay glued to your devices - therapyBOSS sends out automatic email notifications for anything of importance to help everyone stay on top of things.




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You pay pennies per billable visit.

Instead of binding contracts, poorly-sized monthly subscriptions, or monster-sized licensing fees, you only pay for therapyBOSS when you’re making money. With the time and hassle it will save your company, therapyBOSS easily pays for itself.


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